Produce My Own Show

IMG_3465-(002).JPGResidents of Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin are entitled to use the Birmingham Area Cable Board’s contracted studio at BCTV and staff to produce their own programs. This is a great way to creatively express your interests and viewpoints. And, it’s fun!  Imagine your surprise seeing friends and family on our local channels.  Of course, there are some rules and procedures to follow.

  • All program content is the responsibility of the community producer. FCC regulations and policies adopted by our communities must be followed.

  • Potential producers (residents of the communities named above who show proof of residency) must attend at least one volunteer workshop at Bloomfield Community Television (BCTV), located at Telegraph Road and Long Lake in Bloomfield Township. At this workshop, you will learn techniques necessary to be a part of any on site crew. It is important to volunteer on other shows to hone your skills and help build the program.

  • Fill out a program proposal form and submit it to BCTV. You will meet with the Program Development Committee, community members who have expertise in local programming. With them, you will fine-tune your program concept into a working plan.

  • You are responsible for copyright approval, creating and purchasing your set, and scheduling all your guests. You will learn more about this at pre-production meetings with BCTV staff members.

Many people prefer to volunteer behind the camera or in the booth rather than produce their own show. This enables them to view many local events and studio programs from the other side of the camera and become a part of them. Your name will be included in the show’s credits. Consider this as a unique way of volunteering in your community.

For more information, call the BACB at 248-336-9445 or check out the Bloomfield Township website.

Map to Studio
Release Form
Program Development Proposal
Public Access Playback Request